Where to buy fishing supplies / Seri Kembangan / Hasya Joran

This is a relatively new shop. At three years old this place is making waves amongst anglers. Situated in a bustling upcoming neighborhood, we are looking at a rising star in angling!

Finding it was relatively easy. Your landmark would be the Jaya Jusco in Taman Equine. Its in the shopping lots opposite of it. Refer to the map above.

This place is a boutique for anglers!

This place is a boutique for anglers!

If you’re an angler and you want to move one step further. This is the place to go to. Notice the boats in the display? This place is that serious.

Entering this shop you have to go through its expensive ornamental fish shop. Do take not Aligator Gars here are cheap though. I guess this whole experience gets you fired up to buy stuff to fish.

Cheaper by RM 3 in PJ

Cheaper by RM 3 in PJ

Small sucker! I'd like to see him in 4 years more

Small sucker! I’d like to see him in 4 years more

Entering the lower part of the shop is where all the bits, bobs, knicks and knacks for anglers are located. The custom rod workshop is here too. Not as tech as Kelana Jaya but a good thing is that they repair rods here too!

Good effort! Bagus bersedekah!

Good effort! Bagus bersedekah!

The workshop! Sorry i did not prod further for the customisation service

The workshop! Sorry i did not prod further for the customisation service

Sick reels who've seen the doctor.

Sick reels who’ve seen the doctor.

There is a bargain bin for lines. Mono and braided lines going at relatively affordable prices in this bin. They do have a huge selection of lines though (not on discount). To be honest there’s so much stuff here!

more lines

more lines




Some accessories

This place is on endless supply. With some very good stuff and along with that the day to day things also. I think I found a proper jungle set up here.

More pics of the lower floor.

Nafeez you might like this.

Nafeez you might like this.

Sinking pellets, so they say..

Sinking pellets, so they say..

assortment of floats

assortment of floats


big stones, small stones and kidney stones…


somthing respectable to sit on

Reel pornography… so i thought

After haunting this the lower floor for awhile. I headed upstairs. Man this place is tidy!

I felt as if i was in Angling Amsterdam!

20130219_110232 20130219_110251

Please note you know will be seeing some strong reel pornography. Viewers with weak hearts should refrain. Please also keep your hands to yourself.


Owners private collection. Some very old cardinals (sic)


Premium reels

20130219_110312 20130219_11034020130219_111106 20130219_111146 20130219_111154 20130219_111059

Now for you rod lovers this is your part.

Same tacky advisory message as before.


There is a match rod somewhere in here!

20130219_110456 20130219_110656 20130219_110639 20130219_110546 20130219_110532 20130219_110510Now for the rod finale!


Nafeez, are these method rods?


Folks they have quite a good selection of material here for you to use. To really experience more of it! Its a must for you to come here.

They have a shelf especially for Megabass lures. Strangely they had a giant orange dog thats not gone yet.


A pair of lonely dogs.


RM 50 spinners!



Overall my trip here was so satisfying. One thing I really regret on not being able to find out is the price of the kayaks. They’re quite awesome and I might get one!20130219_110751 20130219_110719

Here are more pics of the place.


Fancy a drink at the Angler’s Cafe?


Rapala shelf!

20130219_11083220130219_111305 20130219_111300 20130219_111447 20130219_111433

As I mentioned earlier. Folks if you’re planning to up your game. One place to visit is here. They got a good basic supply and also cater to the intermediate crowd well.

Do take note some of these items here cost a premium. So don’t cringe!

It’d be good to know if any of you have opinions about this place. Do share.



3 thoughts on “Where to buy fishing supplies / Seri Kembangan / Hasya Joran

  1. nafeez khaursar

    Superb reporting mate , to imagine finding sinking pellets and possible a match rod in the cabinet with the Cardinal reels ( upon closer inspection i think its a 3 pcs sninning rod) would be all too much but then they even have browning reels and a centerpin reel ?! not sure , could be a fly reel . as for the browning rod , i cant say from the picture but according to Izzudin it comes with a interchangeable tip which could be quiver tips of which would make it a feeder rod . need some info bro , what is the length of the rods ? and what model is it ?


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