Fish in Malaysia / Taman Aman fish Repopulation efforts

With the recent CNY celebrations, has added a new effort in their scope of efforts. Taman Aman being a lake which we use quite frequently has become somewhat depleted. This is because of some greedy individuals who reap more than they need. To improve the quality of angling there here are our efforts.

Some people might say “melepaskan batuk di tangga”, I say “pi mampos la beruk”. I will do this the least for the lake which i have grown to learn and love.

On CNY eve i released 2 tomans (normal), bought for a very pricey RM 10 from the Sea park aquarium.



getting used to the water

getting used to the water

Yesterday i introduced other types of fish. All this cost me another RM 20 from the fish shops in Pudu.

The list are:

1. Siamese Haruan (4)

2. Patin Siam (4)

3. Grass Carp (2)

4. Lampam Jawa (6)

These were all babies anyways. Chances of you guys hooking them will be little for quite some time. Here are some of the pics.

20130213_163852 20130213_163910 20130213_163914 20130213_163924 20130213_163930

What really saddens me is that I only fear the unscrupulous person the most. These are good sport fish. And why do u need to tank them when u can throw them in only to come and fish another day.

Eating fish from this lake can be hazardous to your health. No kidding. Imagine you and your family having parasites in your brains




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