Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / Puchong Lake extended review

Hi all,

Due to its immense size and a query from a reader I decided to delve deeper into the wonder that is the Puchong lake. From my investigation I might have some bad news (for now).

On our first trip there we were impressed by the sheer size of the lake that is becoming more and more popular. Its depth and width is bound to hold such wonderful mysteries that is yet to be landed.

My parameter inspection revealed that there is more to this lake. Not alls well though.

My first part was the part that is right next to the highway (SKVE). This part is connected through a PPR that does not seem to appear in google maps. (I could be wrong to label it a PPR). There is a single tunnel that leads to this settlement. Otherwise this place would be a complete island.

There are two parts of the lake thats connected to this PPR. One being the main lake. The other would be a marsh/ wetland like lagoon.

Here is the part thats connected to the main lake.

beautiful waters but its not quite angler friendly from here

beautiful waters but its not quite angler friendly from here

20130212_145114 20130212_145117 20130212_145125 20130212_145128

Forget about this part. As beautiful as it is. Its not angler friendly. You’re on a wall thats about 12 feet from the surface of the water.   Unless you have very strong line you’re going to have a difficult time lifting your fishes out. Please also note that the winds here are quite strong, frequently.

I managed to get a couple of casts out and moved on because of the wind plus the fact a herd of cows were heading my way.

The next part here is interesting. This part has potential. Here are some images.

A marsh with good footing

A marsh with good footing

20130212_150353 20130212_150355 20130212_150358 20130212_150403 20130212_151341 20130212_151344 20130212_151352

Folks we have a blackwater marsh right next to the main lake. This is actually around the corner from where I was earlier (literally). You can drive here using the roads in the PPR.

The heavy winds from the lake did not seem to affect it. The waters here were also quite calm. Black water plus lots of dead leaves and trees usually means PB. I did not see any but i did get a glimpse of what i believed to be a Jelawat. Relatively small at about 7 inches.

Whats disturbing is that there was not much baitfish around. Perhaps in my expedition there we should look to baiting the water to see its reaction. There is a good amount of parking all around the PPR so getting around is not an issue.

After leaving the PPR premises I drove out to find that there is a marsh next to the mosque. if you are wondering what mosque is this, its a blue and gold one right next to the highway.

Here are some pics of the marsh found.

20130212_155319 20130212_155323 20130212_155326 20130212_155328 20130212_155331

There was a fair amount of baitfish here but whats really interesting is the nest that was found in the swamp next to it.

haruan fry!

haruan fry!

Folks this place could be in season now. So have your frogs ready!

Having scouted all this, folks here’s the bad news. The place is booming. There are easily ten settlements around the lake at this point of time and many of them migrant workers. I can see that these people are fishing the lake with nets. Even the marshes.

There was almost no activity at the waters edge or on the surface while I was there. Fish might be sparse here. Along with that it would be good to be mindful of your safety too here at all times.

Have fun!



PS. Baitcast here if you are very skilled and wear wellies. You’re better of using live bait and floats.


2 thoughts on “Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / Puchong Lake extended review

  1. ashraf

    already bc at the 2nd lombong..i suggest u to go to 2nd lombong..bc from the area that they tambak tanah there..the size of toman there quite good bro.that lombong dont have pb btw..


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