Where to fish in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Secret Location


I am not obliged to post the location of the place as this is a restricted area. I can tell you that this place is actually very close to the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We are talking about 10 mins drive from Bangsar close.

This place is a flood water cache center. It is also the most picturesque place I have ever been to in Kuala Lumpur. Its like a cross between the steppes in mongolia and Ha-Long bay in Vietnam. Simply astounding!

Do take note its so hidden away that very few people know about it. Hence there were not much competition on that day.


Hail Caesar!


This is actually a cliff. Water dives more than 20 feet.

The lake hosts species such as carp, tilapia and in the more shallow ends Toman. The bandaraya fish here can be a menace so be prepared.



Super clean water i have seen anywhere


a handful of visitors only.


good to wear wellies as the place has got very long grass

20130202_175049 20130202_175053 20130202_175231

Seeing a place like this actually exist in KL is so refreshing. If you are a litter bug or just a plain pest please don’t go and spoil its tranquility.




5 thoughts on “Where to fish in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Secret Location

  1. eizzat

    hye, i want to have a visit, may i? hope u can share the info, if not publicly, please sms me direction as i am from ampang..: 017 3344129

    or do email me : eztjht@gmail.com

    i appreciate your secrecy about this unspoilt hidden gems in the heart of kuala lumpur,i will do the same too,but again..if u may share…..


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