Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / Empangan Air Kuning

This place is awesome!


Its wild and civilized at the same time. Wild in a sense that the place have got fish that hold no bars and will put you through your paces. Civilized because its purely catch and release. Think of it as a “fight club”.

Todays trip saw me joining angling buddy Nafeez, Ona (Nafeez’s mrs and Guiness the schnauzer). The sport today was in the vegetarian part of the dam. Yes this dam is divided. The more tame herbivores and omnivores on the left. The ferocious predatory monsters on the left.

Coming to this place itself is quite a spectacle. Think of it as going into a virgin jungle thats about an hours drive away from the capital. This place is however situated in the middle of the agricultural park in Shah Alam.




Below are shots of a spot which i had to take a jungle path to get it. Was quite grueling. I got bitten by leeches. However my eyes caught quite a spectacle.

One mama toman with her babies. The babies were about 3 inches big and the mama itself was quite a spectacle. Tried to cast but my line kept getting tangled in the foliage.



In this location below. There are alot of peacock bass and haruans hiding in them. I had a respectable four strikes that day. 2 PBs and 2 haruans. Real aggressive fellas. There was one who was no bigger than my lure that chased my lure twice.



Given the right conditions be prepared for a big fight. But most of the people go there itching for it.

Lake has got some good fish in it. We’re talking about Sebarau, toman, pacu, tilapia, pb just to name a few. The places is specified for more of fly fishing and lure casting. But normal bait fishing is also done here.



3 thoughts on “Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / Empangan Air Kuning

  1. Nafeez Khaursar

    this place is very nice by all accounts . once we have better weather conditions you can expect a full work out as fishing would be a no stop affair !


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