Cahaya SPK tournament

Today’s tournament saw approximately a hundred participants take part in this competition.

This means most of the participants will be walking away with some prize money! Congrats!

Below are some of the fish that were available in the lake.


A lot of skilled individuals took part today and possibly they will be walking away quite satisfied.






Below is Mr. Shim who is also a angling blogger. Kudos to him for taking part. His link is:

Info Lokasi Kolam Pancing


Similar to what I do only his is more facebook oriented.


Some of the younger participants. Yet to catch anything at this point.

Below are the catches for the day.


Do take note this massive Tilapia was disqualified as the angler caught it during lunch break. There was a moment of tension with regards to this. Apparently the anglers are claiming an error from the organisers part. Hopefully all is settled.


This fish would have won this tournament easily.

There were some grouses from the competitors about how some of them have not had a fish yet. These individuals believed that this was due to the fishes not getting used to the pond’s environment.

At that point in time there were no whoppers hauled up yet.

Will keep you posted on the tournament results.


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