Catches So Far

Hi All,

Some of these catches are not mine. I take my cam with me to every location and snap what the local anglers there land.

What i would really enjoy is if you guys were to share your catches with me. If you have any catches you are really proud of. Send me a link or an email to:

Do make sure to smile and send me your best shots.

red clawed crawfish

red clawed crawfish

I have done a look up on the net thanks to a lead given by Caesar and apparently these crayfishes are introduced species that breed very fast.

Do read the link.

Good sized lampam

Good sized lampam

I saw this angler land these in Puchong lake. Huge lak with lots to offer. Unfortunately we’ve not got our footings yet with that lake.

Please remember tp give some basic details like:

1. Name

2. Location


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