Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor /Cahaya SPK Lake

This is a new location in a private club house. The clubhouse itself is relatively new. A very cosy and pretty looking location in the middle of Bukit Jelutong this new clubhouse is offering an attractive lifetime membership package of less than RM 10K.

A fishing oriented club

A fishing oriented club

Fair amount of parking space

Fair amount of parking space

children's pool and adults located next to it

children’s pool and adults located next to it

A hall for functions

A hall for functions

Do take note the in order to fish in the lake of the club one would need to join the fishing club there. There is an annual membership fee for this activity. Do get in touch with Mr. Ron (019 8000696) to get further details on it.

Please also take note that there is some construction going on in the club. This would be the building of a bridge to connect both banks on the lake.

Bridge construction underway

Bridge construction underway

We were greeted by two representatives from the club, Mr. Wan and Mr. Ron to show us around the lake. Oh yes I took Caesar along with me for the reconnaissance. The first thing that we noticed was the “teh tarik” colour of the lake.  According to Mr. Wan this was due to the rainfall they had.

The representatives also added that the water comes from a natural source which is a river nearby and is clean.  According to Mr. Ron the depth of the lake is from 10 – 12 feet.

breeding activities

breeding activities

from left to right: keli, tilapia, patin  and the last one if im not mistaken haruan

from left to right: keli, tilapia, patin and the last one if im not mistaken haruan (according to Ron and Wan)

The lake is elongated and surrounded by very modern looking bungalows. To be honest I think when the work here is complete this place would be a lovely place to live in.

Another perk about the lake is that it is surrounded by small jetties that one can cast from. So no need to perform any precarious balancing acts from the slopes of the lake.

Here are more pics of the spot itself.

IMG_0451 IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0454 IMG_0455 IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0458

The competition on sunday will offer a few species of fish for sport. Amongst them would be some good sized patin fish. From our observation we did not witness much activity on the surface. This is probably due to our timing over there. The sun was quite hight already.

We will be posting pictures of the release of Patin next.


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