Where to buy fishing supplies/ Kelana Jaya: Extreme Angler

Ever fancied a custom made rod? An uniquely specified reel that dances to your own tune? A combination of both? Well you’re in luck. This place has it all.

Situated in a quaint part of Kelana Jaya opposite a football field this place has got ample public parking around it. The shop has been in business for about 30 years. Previously situated in SEA park this outlet shifted here for better solutions.

A humble rag tag exterior show gives a vibe that its for seasoned anglers.

A humble rag tag exterior show gives a vibe that its for seasoned anglers.

This is a seasoned angler’s supplier. They only sell artificial lures and gear. No live bait or actual bait itself. This place is for people who want to up their game and go for bigger sport.

I had a chat with a Mr. Kenny Chee who is a representative of Extreme Angler and according to him Extreme angler prides itself with the custom high quality rods they make for their exclusive clientele.

Do take note that these rods are priced at a premium. Set aside some money. Surely the performance will be worth it.

Premium lures

Premium lures


They have a good collection of premium lures from brands such as Megabass and its kind. What really impressed me is its collection of Giant Dogs. For those who want to spend slightly less more there are even used Giant Dogs.


Another item that got my tongue wagging was a certain type of bait casting rod. Mr. Chee showed me a Spiral ringed bait casting rod. He gave me some scientific explanation to it about how it helps the line go further and all that algebra. All i know is that i’m getting one soon.

Collection of custom rods

Collection of custom rods

Reels can be personalized by them. They can make a few modifications to make a reel. truly yours.

The idea of having a super strong rod built to your spec is so tantalizing.  These people make all sorts of rods, only better from your run of the mill factory line.  If you’re interested in good lures and possibly a bespoke service do visit them soon.

This is their official web page.


More pics of the outlet.

IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0452


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