Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor /Kelana Jaya Lake: Ultimate Tilapia Ground

Situated in right next to the PKNS field in Kelana Jaya this place is no stranger to the urban angler of Malaysia. Initially a floodwater collection centre this lake is now the habitat of a variety of water birds and fish.

Easily accessed as it is right next to the LDP, this place sees a good number of anglers daily. With good walkways tree shade around the lake it is very comfortable to fish here during the day. Cleanliness is also a big plus here.

good shade around the lake

good shade around the lake

clean grounds

clean grounds

There is some debris in the lip of the water. However this is in certain parts of the lake only. The water is quite clear and generally clean.

What amazes the most is the amount of red tilapia here. The lake is infested with it. Large and small. Its no surprise that this lake is an attraction to the locals. Promises good eating.

Water infested with large Tilapia (RED)

Water infested with large Tilapia (RED)

More Tilapia

More Tilapia

The tilapia population is so large there that it is worth fishing there for this fish. However the lake does boast some good sized Toman


IMG_0455I managed to take a shot of this Pakcik who snagged the toman.

Another good thing about this lake that it has a series of restaurants around it. So if you are planning to spend the whole day fishing here. It is possible.

The restaurants are located in the plaza built overlooking the lake.

View from the waterfront

View from the waterfront

Here is another gentleman who snagged a good sized Tilapia.

Caught using worms IMG_0447

With such a large bevy of game fish. Kelana Jaya lake is a spot that should be considered for day trips. Having such easy access some should make it a point to visit there for short trips.





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