Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / Ulu Yam Preview

Being an angler in a city quite far away from the coast is quite the predicament. Sometimes, we yearn for some sort of wild angling adventure without the experience of going really out of the way to do so. I personally in many instances would like to be able to angle in the untamed waters and yet be able to head back to the family come sun down. Half an hours drive from home.

I think i have solved this issue.

The place in question is none other than the Ulu Yam reservoir. It is massive, it is wild and most importantly: Half an hour away from anywhere in the city. It is the most feral body of water that I have come across so far in the Klang Valley. I think one would need some serious survival gear if they were to venture in more deeper.

My usual accomplice doing an investigation

My usual accomplice doing an investigation

Folks this place is wild and u best be dressed suitably for the situation.

Having said that its relatively easy to access. Please follow the map below.

Batu Dam

We did an hours worth of casting and set some live bait on. Unfortunately we did not land anything. The key here would be that we would need to spend a good amount of time in the waters here to land something.

The wind too was not on our side today. We experienced some very strong breeze that made the waters very choppy. This also stopped the fishes from surfacing and giving away their positions.

Our misfortune aside, some of the more regular anglers swore by the dam’s waters. A pak cik mentioned that this place holds the fish but it is very erratic. There are day’s where the tilapia and other fishes but non stop and there are days where like today. I guess we being the newbies there brought the duck with us.

Here’s more pics of the location.

Waters as far as the eye can see..

Waters as far as the eye can see..

IMG_0430 IMG_0431

Another big plus for this place would be the fact that the water is clean. This is true as the Klang Valley’s drinking water comes from this reservoir.

IMG_0433 IMG_0434

One thing is for sure that i’ll be back to do more casting. Possibly i will spend one whole day here the next time around. Will announce this and maybe we can organize a informal trip!


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