Where to buy fishing supplies/ Petaling Jaya: Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd.

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Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd.

This is the place I frequent VERY much to get my gear for angling. I have somewhat grown very fond of this place and recommend it to anyone who wants to pick up fishing as a hobby.

Sea Tackle has possibly the largest collection of lures i have seen so far. They also hold that position for the amount of reels they have. Boasting a range for the very intermediate and serious anglers all the way towards the novice inductees.

I had a difficult time finding this place. This was due to my own dense thoughts. Many of us think when it comes to reels and rods we are normally looking at a simple shop lot. When i finally found this place I was so embarrassed of myself. I would have drove past it a dozens of times and it would not have registered at all.

This place is what i call the supermarket for angling. Its ONE WHOLE FACTORY!

They carry a lot of this brand. OFMER

They carry a lot of this brand. OFMER

With dedicated private parking for 10 cars and air conditioning it guarantees the ease of getting equipped.

First four cabinets of lures.

First four cabinets of lures.

I personally go for the OFMER lures. They’re cheaper and work as well as the higher brands such as Rapala and Shimano. One thing to get from OFMER is also their Spinner baits. Priced slightly higher on the scale but spin very beautifully. I’ve tried using other and its just not as good.

This place also holds good collection of rods. From trawling ones to spinning and bait-casters. The lady there said that they don’t have fly-rods as no one comes for them here. They do however have a pair of fly reels for sale.

I would also like to point out that the staff in this shop are super friendly. You will find yourself coming back thanks to their friendliness.

Here are more pics of the outlet.

IMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0430

With countless equipment and their excellent service it is no wonder that this place has been in business since the seventies. Do take note this place however does not sell bait. There is another shop in PJ for that which i go to.

So whenever you’re in PJ and you’re need in some fishing supply. Just look for that big red and black factory behind the Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes Benz) on the federal highway.


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