Peacock Bass Spree in Mines

This weekend was a worthwhile affair. We carried out our midnight mines fishing trip at Sri Kembangan. My good friend and foe the chef snagged himself a trio of peacock bass.

I on the other hand had some action earlier in Paramount park. I came toe to toe with the monster toman in its waters. A good sized monster, was easily a 12 pounder. Unfortunately its sheer fighting instinct got the better of my angling skills. I live to tango with it another day.

Whats in store this week is that, we will be making a reconnaissance  trip to the big lakes in Puchong. Hopefully those anglers around the Puchong area can enjoy the sheer size of its lakes. would also be starting with a directory of all the lakes available in Malaysia for you to fish at. We will be starting this from the Klang Valley and slowly stretch out to the other towns and cities. Hopefully we will have a concise directory of all the fishing spots in Malaysia for everyone to share.

We here are also planning our Pulau Carey trip soon. The chef would like to tag along, to do this our friend needs to take some time out of work.

Exciting week ahead peeps.

Do enjoy!


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