Pulau Carey Visit Tomorrow

Hi All,

Tomorrow I’m going to a place which is quite close to my heart, Pulau Carey. This is the first place I ever caught a fish.

I remember I was about thirteen back then and we often went there during our school breaks. An uncle of mine was working with the plantation over there. In those days he was the estate manager (if memory serves me right). Being in this position the company provided him with a bungalow and staff to tend to it (how excellent). The most unique thing about his dwellings was that it was surrounded by what we call to be the drainage moat. These things were huge.

Like a vein that snaked throughout the whole island and into the sea these irrigation canals provided water to all trees on the island. Being so well connected and vast, naturally these canals hosted its own ecosystem and a huge part of it was funnily fresh water fish.

From tomorrow’s trip I plan to:

  1. Review the ecosystem of the canals and see if they still host aquatic game
  2. Investigate the jetty for its fishing qualities
  3. Visit a sea-fishing pond there. I have heard a lot about this place.
  4. Source for alternative places to fish on the island.
  5. Investigate if the beach is fisherman friendly.

Do post comments if there is anything fishing related you would like me to investigate on while I’m in Pulau Carey.





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