Mines Trip Tonight

Dear all,

Every Friday night after 11pm Chef and myself normally visit this spot for a bit of night fishing. The place is situated right behind the Palace of the Golden Horses in Sri Kembangan. We visited this place once and compared to the other places this was the best in KL. Have never looked back so far since then. The biggest perk of all is that its free!

Being the deepest man made lake in Asia (some say the world, other just defecate in it) there is a vast collective of fish species that we can try our skills at. From the awesome predatory Toman (Snakehead) to the docile and testy Bandaraya fish. Worth mentioning here is that there are some very scary sized catfish.

Chef’s favourite target are peacock basses. Largest he ever landed was approximately a 1 kilo fish, although he still swears that its about 2. On my rap sheet  I have one jelawat and one rohu to brag about (albeit not very big).

Armed with our standard issue of rods (cut it out you dirty b**ches), the bait we use are things like dedak, roti gardenia and seluang (minnows caught by net in mines itself). Both of us have a pair of black rubber boots that are available anywhere. This is to brave the ground that becomes a brush on top of a mire. Not good for slippers and sneakers. Barefoot if you’re a blithering imbecile.

Another good thing to mention here is that the species list is so vast that you can sink your bait or even float it. No issues. You’re bound to catch something. And often its a good edible sized fish. Except for the Bandaraya though throw it back. Beware when it rains because catfish become rampant and to an extent of bothersome.

Word of advice. If you’re going to visit this place please go after eleven PM and stay till about six AM. Reason being is that the place serves as a connecting canal between the wonderland and the hotel.




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