Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / The Show Down at Tg. Harapan

Had to show you this…

Just had to show you this one.

Took this shot on the way to Tanjung Harapan… thought I was heading up the himalayas or something.

Anyways we arrived at Tanjung Harapan at about three-ish thanks to the stupid tolls and bad roads.

We were greeted with a humble facade that somewhat suggested informal…

A corner before the coastal road

Don’t recall the name but there was this friendly old man that maintained this place.

The charges are:

RM 6 per rod with no time limit (so I think).

Bait is sold in one of the dwellings. Carries a range of live prawns to sea worms and some baitfish.

Entering the pier we were greeted with a blue that overwhelmed the eyes and winds that made me wish for locks instead of a crop.

Our station

We took 6 rods altogether with a mixed coleman of bait. Containing mostly of chopped fish and shrimp.

And we casted and waited.

Chef “dog-faced” Kannan donning his “Sports” cap

Motley crew of youngsters

Motley crew of youngsters

Clever Motley Crew of Youngsters

Albeit getting very comfortable spots the dark reality that we were not going to get much today slowly donned upon us.. We were casting against very strong tides and the boys on the other end were not.

Alas more disturbing signs…

Speed boats of all colours and size

Turns out during the day the channel in front of us is some sort of boat free way. In secret, there is also a “who can create the biggest waves” competition. Grr….

Chef and myself ended up looking at ourselves in dismay and enjoying the wonderful view at the same time.

We caught nothing. I can safely say so far. But walking away from this I can say I haveĀ enriched my soul by saying that there’s a lot more to learn before we angle the monsters.




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