Where to fish in Malaysia / Petaling Jaya / Paramount Garden Park (Training Ground)

Recently I picked up the funky art of bait-casting. Somehow the idea of mimicking the way a small fish darts and swims sends me reeling with delight.

To be honest, I’m not very good at this skill. In the weeks I have been practicing in Paramount Garden which now I have proclaimed to be my training ground for bait-casting. I have not gained a single peck.

Having said that, this does not mean that there is no fish in the waters. As a matter of fact last week I witnessed a snakehead (toman harimau) stir from its dwellings to the fluttering of my tangerine shallow shad.

To my dismay our slithery stalker was tough to please and he disappeared into the foliage.

To those planning to pick this type of fishing up. Please do not be put down by lack of early success. Believe in yourselves. I certainly believe that I can have some success. So far….

Here are some pics of my training ground Paramount Park. A lovely quiet family park that is so beautiful when the sun shines bright.

First place where I start tossing my line around.

Nice place to toss your frogs around.

Spinner in the bush

Foliage at the waters edge.

More pics that show you how wonderful a playground… oh sorry training ground I have….

Just before it started raining.

the other side

More pics in the gallery below.


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